Putting our region's cancer needs first

Cancer Discovery Call

We invite applications from principal investigators and their research team that seek to uncover the foundational knowledge needed to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

lab research

Proposals should aim to understand the biological influences of cancer through greater understanding of cancer cell development, function, proliferation, spread and death. Proposals should seek to change the practice of oncology through new discoveries and practices that generate new knowledge relevant to basic biology and the causes of human cancers.

Applications may be in the following research areas:

  • Cancer discovery
  • Cancer biology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Research which will transform our fundamental understanding of cancer
  • Foundational knowledge needed to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer
  • Biological understanding of cells, function, proliferation, spread and death
  • Basic science which would help towards early diagnosis

Applications for this funding round are open to researchers across the United Kingdom. We encourage collaboration between research groups and encourage applications that include collaborations with researchers within our regional footprint of the North West of England and North Wales.

In making their applications, we encourage researchers to focus on the cancer most prominent and significant for our regional population of North West and North Wales. This could mean overall incidence or that the particular cancer type is more common or associated with poor outcomes within the region. Applications that look to inform work on early detection are encouraged.

NWCR grants are awarded for up to three years with a maximum funding budget of up to £275,000.

Applications must be submitted in line with call guidance and appendix A if required. All applications will undergo rigorous external peer and scientific review. Panel members will be available to view once confirmed.

This funding round will close at 5pm on Monday 23rd May 2022.


Application Guidance

Please download and refer to the guidance document when completing your application form.


Application Form

Please download the application form and appendix A (above), complete and submit by 5pm on Monday 23rd May 2022, in a single PDF document.



Click below to submit your application form. Please ensure that your application is a single document.