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Our latest report, released in 2022 records cancer patterns across Flintshire with the region recording lower rates of cancer overall than the rest of North Wales, but over-indexing on 14 of the 37 cancers assessed.

Top 5 Areas of Need 

    1. Most concerning is that the incidences of oesophageal cancer are 55% higher in Flintshire than the rest of the country
    2. Rates for cancer of the anus are 77% higher in Flintshire, than the national average
    3. In Flintshire, there is a 33% higher rate of brain and central nervous system cancers compared to the national average
    4. Colon cancer rates are 34% higher than the rest of Wales
    5. Lung cancer rates were also found to be 28% higher in Flintshire than the rest of Wales


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Cancer in Flintshire

Over 32% of Flintshire’s population is over 55, with 8% aged over 75. A quarter of the county’s population are skilled manual labourers, while a relatively high 45% are professionals or employed in managerial and administrative occupations. 28% of the population are unemployed, or in semi-skilled or unskilled manual occupations.


Oesophageal cancer is one of the top 10 cancers which afflict North Wales and Flintshire has significantly high rates – with an incidence rate 55% higher than the national average. Although rare, the county also records the highest incidences of anal cancer in North Wales, with rates 77% higher than the national average, while rates of colon cancer are also significantly higher than the national average.


Find out more about our research into cancer incidence rates across the North West and North Wales via our full report.

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