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Cancer Discovery Advisory Group





Position/Area of expertise/interest

Date of Appointment (new group formed March 2019)

Professor Aras Kadioglu


University of Liverpool

Professor of Bacterial


Immunology/Pneumococcal pathogenesis

March 2019

Professor Kevin Ryan

(Vice chair)

The Beatson Institute

Professor of Cancer Research

Regulation of programmed cell death/chemo resistance/development of proteins to control cell death and chemo sensitivity

March 2019

Dr Simon Cook

The Babraham Institute


Head of Laboratory.

Biochemist and molecular biologist/interest in signal transduction, cell biology, cell senescence and molecular oncology

March 2019

Dr Nikki Copeland

Lancaster University


Lecturer in Biomedicine

DNA replication/Chromosomal aberrations

March 2019

Dr Rita Cha

Bangor University

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Cancer Cell Signalling)

Molecular and basis of ATM/ATR function/

ATM/ATR signalling in dNTP production, genome stability, and cancer cell metabolism/DNA damage- and nutrient-signalling.

March 2019

Dr Joe Sacco


University of Liverpool

Consultant in Medical Oncology/Molecular and Clinical Medicine

Melanoma/Head and Neck Cancer/ Deubiquitylating

March 2019

Prof Graham Pockley

Nottingham Trent University

On sabbatical currently

March 2019

Prof Christopher Twelves


Leeds University

Professor of Clinical Cancer Pharmacology and Oncology

Clinical oncology interests=  colorectal and breast cancer/Experimental drug development 

March 2019

Dr Spencer Collis

University of Sheffield

Reader in Genome Stability. Cellular responses to DNA damage involve the orchestration of cell cycle checkpoints and DNA repair factors, which are rapidly activated and mobilised to sites of DNA damage.

March 2019

Dr Catherine Green

University of Oxford

Associate Professor Head of Core in Chromosome Dynamic. Cancer biology and protein science and structural biology.

March 2019

Dr John Marshall

Lay representative



Ratio of independence 6/12 PPI x1


  • Meets annually to review the Cancer Discovery call
  • Independence increased as this is a regionally focused call