Putting our region's cancer needs first

Olive's Story

The work of the scientists and doctors who saved her son’s life over 30 years ago made Olive Cutts want to make a difference for others with the disease.

olive cutts, southport committee

She was appointed Chairman of the Southport Fundraising Committee 18 years ago and in the past three decades, Olive and her volunteers have raised well in excess of £1,000,000 pounds.

All the money raised from the Committees of North West Cancer Research goes towards funding scientists carrying out life-saving research into cancer in the North West and North Wales.

Olive said: “One of my reasons for getting involved with this charity is the money we raise stays here, in our region.

“George was only 11 when he was diagnosed with blastoma of the eye, it was over 30 years ago and we didn’t have the knowledge then that we have now, but the local hospitals and doctors saved his life. It was an awful time, and the experience made me want to put something back, to help the work of the researchers.

“So I joined my local committee of North West Cancer Research here in Southport and I became secretary within two years. I was made Chairman 18 years ago.”


Olive and the team of volunteers raise the much-needed funds with events from golfing days, coffee mornings, cheese and wine evenings and quiz events.

She is now organising a Bollywood night and a Rock Choir visit.

She said: “The only way we will beat this awful disease is if we fund research, and North West Cancer Research funds crucial research here in the North West. The money stays here and the charity’s overheads are so small.”

Olive’s commitment to the charity has never wavered, even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago.

Now in recovery she said: “I’m passionate that research is the answer to beating cancer and that is what drives the work we do here.”