Putting our region's cancer needs first

What Your Money Achieved in 2019

For a relatively small charity, we have had a huge impact on the causes, care and cure of cancers specifically affecting our region.



£40 million
Since 2000 we have invested over £40 million in life-saving research.


5 patents
Since 2000 our research has led to 5 pending patents and licences which could pave the way to new discoveries which may improve the outcomes of patients.


19 countries, 4 continents
NWCR funded researchers collaborate across the globe in 19 different countries- spreading their knowledge worldwide.


16 collaborations
NWCR funding has led to 16 collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. 
Working together with industry is a crucial step in translating research into treatment which in the future will make a difference to people living with cancer.


£15 million
35% of NWCR funded projects have opened the doors to new funding opportunities from other funders, accounting for over
£15 million of new funding coming
into the region.