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Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

Whether you're working from home or back at the office, recycling your used ink cartridges is one easy way to support our life-saving work.

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We've partnered with Recycle4Charity to make good use of all your used ink cartridges and convert them into life-saving cancer research. 

If you're working from home and inundated with office supplies, let us lighten the load. Just parcel up your used ink cartridges and send them to be recycled with a FREE postage label here.

You can do the same if you're back at the office, or if your team (or building) goes through cartridges quickly you can get a FREE collection box here.

Recycle 4 Charity has kept 363,556kg of waste out of landfill sites and raised over £1,483,668 for good causes. 

How it works

Collect your cartridges 

Keep a bag to one side and watch them fill up. Once you've got a few, head to recycle4charity.co.uk

Pick us as your Charity 

Once you're on Recycle4Charity.co.uk, make sure you choose North West Cancer Research and we'll get a donation 

Post your cartridges! 

Recycle 4 Charity will provide you with a print-off FREE post label, meaning you don't have to pay a penny to send your used cartridges off. 

Mission Accomplished! 

All your cartridges will be ethically recycled, and the company will send a donation our way. 

Donate your used ink cartridges

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