Putting our region's cancer needs first

Think Sunscreen is Just For Your Holidays? Think Again.

The North West’s skin cancer rates are 10% higher than the rest of the UK, so we took to the road, visiting locations across Manchester, Merseyside, Chester and Wales to educate the public on the importance of properly protecting their skin against the sun and how to check their moles for changes.

imagery from the skin cancer campaign

Accompanied by a digital ad van, which had important stats about skin cancer in our region, we handed out handy, informative leaflets and armed the public with free sunscreen.

The campaign was supported by social media ads, which displayed the dangers of not wearing sunscreen, as the people in the ads got pinker the longer the ad played.

You may have spotted us talking about the campaign on the television as we appeared on BBC North West a handful of times, as well as That’s TV Manchester and Lancashire, or heard us on Global Radio and BBC Radio Manchester.

To find out more about the campaign and skin cancer, visit nwcr.org/thinkagain