Putting our region's cancer needs first

North West Charities Team Up to Beat Childhood Cancer

North West Cancer Research and Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research are proud to announce joint funding of a £75k research grant specifically targeting childhood cancer.

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North West Cancer Research is a completely independent charity, dedicated to putting the region’s cancer needs first, by funding pioneering research and education to tackle the cause, improve the care and find the cure for cancer.

Kidscan are working together with North West Cancer Research to jointly fund a three-year PhD studentship in the area of childhood cancer. From increasing survival rates to reducing or eliminating the late effects that current treatments cause, applications should be focussed on improving outcomes for children with cancer. These applications should demonstrate how the project could also be relevant to medulloblastoma, for example improving treatments which are also used in the treatment of medulloblastoma to increase efficacy or reduce the late effects they can cause.

The call is also open to other cancer types, as long as applicants are able to illustrate how their work could be relevant to Medulloblastoma and we do encourage applicants from other areas to apply.


Quote: Alastair Richards, CEO of North West Cancer Research says:

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Kidscan to help tackle childhood cancer. Although we are making great progress in the diagnosis and treatment of many cancers, there are sadly some cancers that have not had the same focus or success and that is why partnerships like this one are vitally important. Childhood cancers can be devastating but research projects like this one can help ensure that those affected lead full lives and reach their potential.”


Quote: Kirsty Leigh, Kidscan Head of Operations and Marketing says:

“We are thrilled to be working with North West Cancer Research  to fund a specific childhood cancer research project. Sadly in the UK, children do not receive the same focus as adults with only around 3.5% of cancer research spend dedicated to beating childhood cancer, making collaborations like this all the more important”


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