Putting our region's cancer needs first

Chocolate Heaven in Barbon

Barbon and Middleton Committee hosted a unique Chocolate Making event at the end of 2022, raising £1,095 for cancer research in the region.

Barbon chocolatier and audience

 The event, which was held at Barbon Village Hall, was a smash hit as guests were treated to an evening with chocolatier Andrew Thwaite. Andrew regaled the audience with stories of his work, as well as the origins of chocolate – from the cocoa bean to the height of chocolate production in York. Andrew also gave demonstrations on how he made chocolates, outlining the different processes and techniques, as well as demonstrating the essential equipment and a few tricks of the trade.

Guests were given the opportunity to help themselves to plenty of free samples before a fabulous buffet was provided by members of the Committee and a raffle was drawn.