Putting our region's cancer needs first

Sharon's Art Sale

Mold Committee Chair and talented artist, Sharon Wagstaff, has continued her support for North West Cancer Research through the latest lockdown with an art sale fundraiser.

Sharon and artwork

After adapting her regular art tutoring classes for a digital world, and creating beautiful nature artworks during Zoom demonstrations, Sharon decided to sell her demonstration pieces and donate 100% of the money raised to local cancer research, with the final total reaching £450.

Sharon said: “Last summer I started running weekly Zoom classes, and it’s been worthwhile to see what joy it has given people, as well as an incentive to work on their art again. 

“Week by week I was collecting my demonstration pieces from the Zoom classes and thought it was a great opportunity to help raise some funds for North West Cancer Research by offering them for sale. I’m pleased that the sale has gone so well, and I’ve been able to support the Charity during such a difficult time.”

You can see more of Sharon’s artwork at: slwagstaff.co.uk