Putting our region's cancer needs first

Rotaries Across the Region

The North West Cancer Research team has set out on a Zoom tour of our region’s Rotary clubs, with drop-in sessions to raise awareness of our research and education of cancer statistics.

Rotaries zoom meeting

CEO Alastair Richards and Community Fundraiser and Engagement Officer, Charlotte Ellwood, have virtually traversed a large portion of the North West, from the Western Lake District to Lunesdale, the Ribble Valley and beyond to introduce local Rotary groups to the work being undertaken by North West Cancer Research.

The duo have delivered bespoke presentations for each group which give an in depth look at our research projects, fundraising initiatives and awareness work as well as tailored information relevant to the group’s local area, including cancer statistics and particular interest topics.

The Rotary members have also been presented with the most recent Regional Report, highlighting cancer findings across the North West and North Wales and given an insight into the research happening locally, before a lively Q&A session.

As lockdown lifts, the Charity team is planning to widen the circuit with visits to Rotaries across the rest of our region, with some already lined up in North Wales. 

Charlotte said: “It has been great getting back out into the community, even if it is via a virtual meeting. It’s been beneficial to us in some ways as we have been able to easily connect with otherwise hard-to-reach areas in our region and given us some great insights into what our local communities care about and want to know from us.

“All the Rotaries we have visited so far have given us a big warm welcome and are all eager to learn about the work we do and what it means for our region, so we can’t wait to visit them again face to face when the time is right.”

Richard Parsons, Secretary of the Rotary Club of Lunesdale, said of the sessions: “A big thank you to the team from North West Cancer Research for joining us on Zoom for our Rotary Club meeting. The presentation was interesting, relevant, and professionally presented. I think that, judging from the questions received from our members, that they were all very interested in understanding the work undertaken locally by the Charity.

“We will be delighted to see the team face to face when we eventually resume normal meetings and want to thank you again for the vital work you are all engaged upon.”

If you would like to nominate a rotary for us to speak at, please contact [email protected] or call 0151 709 2919.