Putting our region's cancer needs first

Ollie's Life in Lockdown

Life as we know it has been a bit different the past few months and we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of doing things, including fundraising.

While we’ve had to put all events on pause and get creative in our fundraising, one thing has remained constant – the determination of our own team and our amazing supporters.

One of our youngest supporters Ollie, age 8, chose to take on the 2.6 challenge and raise as much money as possible for NWCR. Starting with a goal of £260, Ollie set out to walk a marathon over a week in May during his daily exercise with his family in the local park.

Ollie kept his supporters updated with regular pictures of his adventures through his mum’s Facebook and exceeded his goal, raising over £840 for his favourite Charity.

Ollie said: “I wanted to help because our choir sang at the Charity’s concert and they have come into my school to tell us about sun safety. I know the Charity is losing money because of the Coronavirus so I wanted to help. It was hard to do every day but I kept going and I’m really pleased with what I have raised.”