Putting our region's cancer needs first

Fitness Meets Fundraising at Victoria Leisure

Victoria Leisure

Staff from a family run leisure centre in Southport, Victoria Leisure, have recently visited NWCR research labs in Liverpool.

The group took part in a guided tour at the North West Cancer Research Centre with researcher Dr Jason Parsons and learned all about the life-saving research taking place at the centre.

The visit comes after a stellar fundraising drive for the group, who raised £6,000 for NWCR in last year alone. Money was raised through their annual ‘Victoriathon’, a swim-a-thon hosted at their leisure centre, as well as donations in lieu of gifts for Victoria Leisure owner, Wally Birch’s, birthday.

Wally has a personal goal to raise more than £30,000 for NWCR, having raised £20,000 to date and will get nearer to this goal as he and his wife celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary this year, again opting for friends and family to make donations instead of gifts.

Wally said: “I first chose to support NWCR because my mother passed away prematurely due to breast cancer. Since then I’ve seen the fantastic breakthroughs and developments in treatment of cancer, as a result of research, meaning that many people are surviving and living longer after receiving a diagnosis of cancer.”

The next Victoriathon, which will be open to non-members for the first time, will be held on 28th April. Please visit www.victorialeisure.com for more information.