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Liverpool John Lennon Airport Backs Sun Safety Pledge

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) has become one of the first major North West businesses to sign up to an annual sun safety awareness pledge this summer.


The international airport which employs around 270 of its own staff – 102 of which work outdoors on a daily basis – is backing North West Cancer Research’s Sun Safety Pledge to encourage sun safety among its employees.

The joint initiative between Public Health Liverpool and North West Cancer Research has been designed to encourage employers to put outdoor worker’s safety front of mind by raising awareness of the importance of using adequate sun protection all year round.

With an average of 241 cases of melanoma skin cancer a year caused by overexposure to UV rays at work, the Sun Safety Pledge will help combat the rate of work-related skin cancer cases and arm employers with materials to help educate employees.*

A toolkit is available to download online with advice including covering up and using sun cream between May and September when the rays from the sun are strongest, paying particular attention to ears, necks and lips. 

Employers such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport are also encouraged to promote the use of sun protection and to provide protective clothing and sunscreen, as well as raise awareness of the symptoms of skin cancer and highlight the importance of early diagnosis with employees.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has now provided sun cream samples from the campaign’s sun cream partner SunSense UK for its 102 outdoor workers in all staff recreational areas.

Carol Dutton, LJLA’s HR & Community Director said: “The sun safety pledge fits perfectly with our commitment to our employee’s safety and wellbeing. We have large numbers of operational staff who work long hours outside and it is essential that they know how best to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

“North West Cancer Research has provided us with awareness leaflets and posters which we have put on our colleague communications boards, as well as sun cream samples which are accessible to all our employees.”

North West Cancer Research and Liverpool City Council are now hoping more businesses and organisations across the region will follow Liverpool Airport’s lead and sign up to the Sun Safety Pledge this summer.

Alastair Richards, CEO North West Cancer Research, said: “We already know that skin cancer rates are on the rise here in Merseyside and we want to ensure the messages relating to sun protection are reaching those most at risk, particularly people who work outdoors.

“Liverpool John Lennon Airport is a key employer in the North West, and we are proud to have an opportunity to educate vulnerable employees on the importance of sun safety. We have also been at the airport throughout July handing out sun cream samples and leaflets to holiday markers, helping them stay safe in the sun on holiday.

 “Over exposure to UV rays can be incredibly harmful, whether that’s in the UK or abroad, and we want to impress the message about the importance of sun protection and knowing the signs of skin cancer.”

Sandra Davies, Director Public Health Liverpool, added: “Sun protection is vital in combatting the high rates of skin cancer diagnosis in the region, and it is something that employers should support, and employees should have access to while at work. Last year several businesses across the North West signed up to join the pledge and we hope to see it have an even bigger impact this year.”




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