Putting our region's cancer needs first

Our Home Campaign

Our incredible region is made up of iconic landmarks and brilliant people that you won’t find anywhere else. But the same goes for our rates of cancer. Living in the North West you are 25% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than elsewhere in the UK.

campaign imagery

That’s why we launched the Our Home campaign earlier this year – to raise awareness about how our region is affected by cancer, and highlight the cancer inequalities in our communities.

We kicked off the campaign by visiting Crosby Beach in Liverpool, creating ‘neighbours’ for the famous Antony Gormley’s Iron Men. We installed six temporary versions of the famous figures, whose bodies were emblazoned with stats relating to the shocking rates of five common cancers across the region.

The new additions stood in place alongside one of Gormley’s real statues, looking out to the horizon and standing in solidarity on the path to a cancer-free future. News of the Iron Men stunt reached an audience of 51 million, with coverage including BBC North West Tonight, ITV News and various local newspapers.

The campaign was supported with a brand film and social media adverts, featuring people of our region and iconic landmarks to tell the Charity’s mission and highlight the work we are doing to fight cancer inequalities.

This garnered 7.5k views across social media and 1.5 million video views on Youtube and Connected TV.