Putting our region's cancer needs first

Ffion's Life in Lockdown

Life as we know it has been a bit different the past few months and we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of doing things, including fundraising.

While we’ve had to put all events on pause and get creative in our fundraising, one thing has remained the constant – the determination of our own team and our amazing supporters.

Having been furloughed, NWCR Community and Engagement Officer, Ffion, has spent her time away from work as a Check-in and Chat volunteer, offering telephone support to those isolating due to Covid-19.

The telephone support service is a positive step to engage with people who may have little or no contact with others during the pandemic.

“I love working in the community with people, which is why I love my role at NWCR. During the coronavirus pandemic, my role paused, so I wanted to fill my time in the community still, helping people out who need it. It’s lovely to know that I may have helped someone through a tough moment or just given them someone to talk to while they’re isolating and I’ve had some really interesting conversations along the way.”