Putting our region's cancer needs first

Business for Breakfast

In February this year we partnered up with Professional Liverpool, an exciting organisation promoting professional excellence in Liverpool and the City Region, and opened our doors for an exclusive business breakfast.

The morning showcased our University of Liverpool research labs and offered guests an insight into the crucial, life-saving work being carried out right here, in our region.

Dr Jason Parsons, Research Group Leader in Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, led guests on a tour of the labs, allowing them an up-close look at live experiments, the machines which mimic medical treatments and the projects that are ultimately developing new, enhanced cancer treatments. Dr Parsons’ world-class research group was also on hand to welcome guests and answer any questions they had about cancer, treatments, or their research in particular. 

After their tours, guests got hands-on with an experiment of their own. Led by the NWCR team, guests were shown how to extract real DNA from a strawberry, using adapted methods similar to how researchers would extract DNA from a cancer cell for investigation.

Guests left with a souvenir of their collected strawberry DNA after coffee, refreshments and a catch up with other local businesses. 

Our thanks go to Professional Liverpool for all their support.