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Liverpool Cancer Researchers Commended for Excellence

70th Anniversary Gala & Awards

Two researchers at University of Liverpool have been commended for their efforts in making Liverpool a centre of cancer research excellence at North West Cancer Research’s 70th anniversary ceremony.

Professor Ian Prior was awarded the Excellence in Research Award at the celebratory gala dinner last weekend following a major breakthrough in his research which appeared in an internationally recognised cancer research journal.

His work, which is funded by North West Cancer Research, looks at how kinase proteins in the human body can be targeted to kill cancer cells and inform future cancer treatments.

His colleague and Director of the North West Cancer Research Centre, Professor Sarah Coupland, received the Ambassadors’ Award in recognition of her commitment to the charity and the development of life-saving cancer research here in Liverpool.

The internationally recognised expert in ocular cancer has, for the last five years, worked alongside North West Cancer Research to hold its Annual Scientific Symposium which brings together cancer researchers, clinicians, academics and patients to share developments, insights and progress.

Targeting students across Merseyside’s top schools, Professor Coupland has helped introduce around 100 young people to a career in scientific research.

Professor Coupland said: “I have worked with North West Cancer Research for five years and truly enjoy holding events like the Annual Scientific Symposium, and other outreach activities. As well as diagnosing cancer and designing experiments hopefully leading to novel life-saving treatments, my job also allows me to work with and introduce young people to a career in scientific research and medicine.

“I’m honoured to have received the Ambassadors’ Award from the charity and look forward to working with the charity’s team for many years to come.”


The North West Cancer Research 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner celebrated the efforts of the charity’s life-long fundraisers and researchers, who together have helped the organisation become one of the leading independent cancer research charities in the region.

In the last 18 years alone, the charity has supported £39 million worth of research across the North West, supporting ground-breaking projects at University of Liverpool, Lancaster University and Bangor University.

Special guests included Lord Mostyn, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and the Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside, as well as Roger Phillips who hosted the evening’s awards.

The Excellence in Research Award was sponsored international manufacturing firm PSL, who provide innovative process solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Alastair Richards, CEO of North West Cancer Research, said: “On behalf of everyone at North West Cancer Research, I would like thank all of our fundraisers, researchers, corporate supporters and donors, whose continued efforts have guided us over the last 70 years.

“The awards allowed us to reflect on their collective achievements so far. As well as looking back, it also gives us a chance to look forward to the future. We are currently funding 50 research projects and our network of fundraisers is growing every day, helping us continue to fund innovative life-saving research here in the North West.”


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