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Underpinning Research Advisory Group



Position/Area of expertise/interest

Professor Aras Kadioglu


University of Liverpool

Professor of Bacterial


Immunology/Pneumococcal pathogenesis

Prof Andrew Pettitt

University of Liverpool

Professor of Haematology, Molecular and Clinical Medicine. Lead for clinical and translational research. Honorary Consultant Royal Liverpool Hospital Clinical research interests in national trials/industry collaboration Laboratory research programme is focussed on the development of clinically useful biomarkers and elucidation of drug action and resistance mechanisms


Prof Christopher Twelves


Leeds University

Professor of Clinical Cancer Pharmacology and Oncology

Clinical oncology interests = colorectal and breast cancer/Experimental drug development 

Dr Nikki Copeland

Lancaster University

Lecturer in Biomedicine

DNA replication/Chromosomal aberrations

Dr Joe Sacco

University of Liverpool

Consultant in Medical Oncology/Molecular and Clinical Medicine

Melanoma/Head and Neck Cancer/ Deubiquitylating

Dr Jessica Okosun

Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Position: Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Haematologist

Areas of expertise/interest: Molecular pathogenesis of lymphomas. Genomics. Cancer heterogeneity and evolution. Big Data analyses. Development of molecular biomarkers

Dr Tania Seale 

North West Cancer Research 

Research Manager NWCR. Academic mixed methods researcher in the area of early diagnosis of cancer. NHS clinical cancer researcher and health care professional. 

Dr Michela Garofalo 

Junior Group Leader, CRUK, University of Manchester 

"The main goal of my research is to contribute to the better understanding of the functions of non-coding RNAs in lung cancer progression and explore how cancer cells

hijack non-coding RNA expression to maintain their malignant phenotype. This should bring to the identification of cancer vulnerabilities that will be targeted with novel pharmacological approaches to produce a less toxic and long-lasting response in patients."

Prof Martin Dyer 

University of Leicester


Prof Chris Pepper 

University of Sussex 


Dr John Marshall 


Lay member

De Esther Baena 

CRUK Manchester University 

Prostate oncobiology