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North West Cancer Research The Bloom Appeal Funding Award

North West Cancer Research and The Bloom Appeal are working in partnership to offer this unique fundamental science PhD.

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There are at least 60 different types of blood cancers, which can affect the young and old. Every year, approximately 1,250 people in the region will be diagnosed with blood cancer (leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma etc.). Although some are cured, a large majority have to live with the disease and its consequences.

Applications for this funding round are open to principal investigators who are working in the Merseyside region only. Applications should be made from researchers who have a track record in supervising PhD students, but applications are invited from academics working in areas of fundamental science. We invite applications from researchers for projects which seek to uncover knowledge into blood cancer. Projects should include both basic scientists and clinicians amongst their investigators to ensure the quality of the under-lying science and research alongside a patient focus. The round is open to individuals working in a broad range of disciplines and studying the cause, care of and work towards the cure for this condition.

This North West Cancer Research and The Bloom Appeal joint research funding round provides funding for a PhD study which should cost up to £105,000 in total over three years. Researchers should be mindful of the current resources available to North West Cancer Research and The Bloom Appeal. All applications will be equally considered, regardless of whether funding is requested at the higher or lower end of the funding budget.

In making their applications, researchers should consider the relevance of their application to the people of the North West of England and North Wales.  This could mean overall incidence or that blood cancer is more commonly associated with poor outcomes within the region. We encourage collaborations between institutions and NHS organisations and encourage collaborative applications within our regional footprint.

All applications will undergo rigorous external peer and scientific review. Details of the panel members who will oversee the round will be made available to view once confirmed.

This funding round will close 12th July 2021 at 5pm.

Applications must be submitted in line with call guidance and appendix A if required.

Application Process

Application Guidance

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Application Form

Please download the application form and appendix A, complete and submit by 12th July 2021 at 5pm, in a single document (PDF).


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