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Impact of tumour-associated myeloid cells on cancer stemness and chemotherapy resistance
Dr Schmid, Dr Costello, Prof Coupland £140,934 / two years

The North West Cancer Research Chair of Molecular Oncology
Dr Palmer £500,000 / five years

The cellular response to DNA damage: Ubiquitylation-dependant regulation of 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGGI)
Dr Parsons £114,670 / three years

Characterisation of the endothelial cell surface molecule(s) responsible for galectin-3- induced secretion of metastasis-promoting cytokine
Dr Lu-Gang Yu, Prof Rhodes, Prof Beynon £149,811 / three years

The KRAS regulated kinase, DCLK1: downstream elements and their roles in cancer
Prof Clague, Prof Urbe £185,303 / three years

Analysis of MAP4K3 function and regulation in cancer
Dr Lamb, Dr Eyers £122,262

A phase lb study of pre-operative cisplatin and gemcitabine chemotherapy in patients with Borderline resectable Biliary tract cancer: BBC-01 study
Prof Palmer, Mr Jones & Mr Malik £119,657

Determining ibrutinib’s potential to treat human leukaemias – novel uses for an exciting new Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor
Prof MacEwan, Prof Pettitt, Dr Slupsky £162,443 / three years

Molecular mechanism of regulation of the cellular protein levels of endonuclease III homologue (NTH1), in response to DNA damage
Dr Parsons £113,754 / three years

Myofibroblast control of oesophageal squamous cancer invasion: role of chemerin
Prof Varro, Prof Beynon, Prof Dockray £114,975 / two years

Why are Ras isoforms not redundant? Characterising isoform-specific oncogenic Ras signalling networks
Prof Prior £194,803 / three years

Regulation of actin mediated endocytic recycling in invasive Her2 positive breast cancer
Dr Zech £190,962 / three years

Functional characterisation of the distinct complexes of MCL-1, an anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family member, in regulating apoptosis in cancer cells.
Dr Varadarajan, Prof Cohen £134,689 / three years

Characterising the Bruton’s tyrosine kinase signalling nexus in leukaemia
Dr Slupsky, Prof Prior, Prof MacEwan £185,950 / three years

Optimising NK cell cytotoxicity and infiltration and global health
Dr Coombes, Dr Morgan £133,823 / three years

Targeting an Achilles’ heel of cancer: Debiquitylases as novel targets for centrosome decluttering and cancer-cell specific death.
Dr Coulson £189,049 / three years

The NWCR Bioinformatics Fellowship
Dr Hammond £176,632 / three years

Exosome biogenesis: the role of sortilin in cancer biology
Dr Liloglou, Dr Wilson, Prof Coupland, Prof Clague, Dr Kalirai, Prof Field £184,613 / three years

Mechanistic investigation and risk: benefit analysis of the use of brusatol as a novel adjuvant for overcoming cisplatin resistance in bladder cancer
Dr Copple, Dr Hussain, Dr Goldring, Prof Park £128,968 / two years

The radiobiology of proton therapy
Dr Parsons £186,096 / three years

Development of novel multiplexable single-colour Ras GTPase sensors to compare spatio-temporal features of Ras signalling cascades with subcellular resolution
Dr Stagi, Prof Prior £192,220 / three years

Understanding the heterogeneity of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia through the elucidation of how genetic alterations influence protein expression at the whole genome level
Prof Pettitt, Dr Zhuang, Dr Kitteringham, Dr Jenkins, Prof Falciani, Prof Park £194,420 / three years

Phosphoproteomic analysis of the master centriole regulator Polo-like kinase 4 using target validated kinase inhibitors
Dr Patrick Eyers, Prof Claire Eyers, Dr Christopher Staples £196,214 / three years

S18‐phosphorylation controls catalytic activity of the cancer-associated deubiquitylase USP7: defining the implications for cancer biology and USP7 inhibitor therapy
Professor Judy Coulson, Dr Sarah Darling £205,292 / three years

Investigating in-vivo resistance mechanisms to MEK inhibitors in uveal melanoma to enable novel combinatorial therapies
Dr Joseph Sacco, Prof Sarah Coupland, Dr Judy Coulson, Dr Patrick Eyers, Dr Helen Kalirai, Dr Sarah Lake £131,189 / two years

Gene edited reversal of FLT3-ITD mutations in acute myeloid leukaemia and its effect on chemotherapy resistance.
Prof David J. MacEwan, Prof Richard E. Clark £181,676 / three years

The role of the ERK5 signalling axis in vemurafenib-resistant melanoma progression
Dr Cross, Mr. Pritchard-Jones, Dr Tournier £131,790 / two years

Understanding the relationship between BCR signalling capacity and clonal behaviour in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.
Dr Kalakonda, Dr Slupsky, Prof Pettitt, Prof MacEwan, Prof Falciani £195,288 / five years

Novel therapeutic approaches for personalised therapy of Head and Neck cancer
Dr Shankar Varadarajan, Dr Joe Sacco, Dr Janet M Risk, Prof Gerald M Cohen £192,243 / three years

Evaluation of novel combination drug protocols for neuroblastoma using advanced imaging in a chick embryo model
Dr Violaine See, Professor Paul Losty £117,382 / three years

Forcing angiogenesis: Transcriptional control by integrin-dependent mechanotransduction during angiogenesis
Dr Mark Morgan, Dr Katarzyna Wolanska £224,182 / three years

Isolation and identification of the chromatin remodelling enzymes required for base excision repair
Dr Jason Parsons £109,991 / three years


North West Cancer Research Centre
The funding provides support for a Centre Administrator, a rolling PhD Studentship programme, the LC RIN co-ordinator and support for the Research Development Fund. This funding was extended in year to 31 December 2017 £835,232 / six years