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Cancer survivor making a real difference in the fight against cancer

After surviving her own experience of cancer, fundraiser Jayne Dickson is now channelling her energy and enthusiasm into helping NWCR defeat the disease.

“You can see where the money goes, literally, as we are often invited to visit research labs”

And the 51-year-old Local Authority worker is in no doubt that the fundraising efforts of the NWCR committee she helped to set up are not only making a valuable contribution to the cause, they are also generating a great deal of fun and fulfilment for all those involved.

“NWCR is very personal to me,” said Jayne, who was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in 2013 after consulting her GP about what she thought was a verruca on the sole of her foot. Operations to remove the tumour and lymph nodes later cleared her of cancer.

“The surgeon who saved my life was, and continues to be, directly funded through NWCR’s research projects,” said Jayne. “That means other people will be saved from having to go through what I went through.”

Jayne founded Wrexham’s NWCR committee alongside her husband Ray and friend David Evans, and they’ve already raised well over £6000 to help the charity beat cancer sooner.   

And she’s clear that it’s money that will be well-spent, given NWCR’s strong focus on making sure the maximum amount of funding goes directly to world-class scientific research.

“You can see where the money goes, literally, as we are often invited to visit research labs,” said Jayne.

“Yes, there are other big organisations all over the world who are doing good work, but they’re also very well funded. With NWCR, more of the money goes straight to research because their overheads aren’t as high as other organisations.”

Jayne and her fundraising colleagues have kept their NWCR committee activities informal and flexible, and they’ve found them both enjoyable and inspiring.

“We’re meeting and working with wonderful people in our community who we wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with,” she continued.

“We were also able to recruit family and friends to help organise and run events – and to get the name of NWCR known throughout the area. We spread the word to our family and friends. They tell their family and friends and it just snowballs from there.”

Such simple word-of-mouth publicity is yielding real results, inspiring generous local people to become involved or donate much-needed funds to fuel NWCR’s groundbreaking research.

Jayne stressed there was a place for everyone in the NWCR fundraising family, whether they wanted to take a leading role in organising events or were just happy to help out, as and when they could.

“That’s what NWCR is all about,” she added. “It’s about extending the hand of friendship, having fun and knowing that the money you raise is going to the most worthwhile cause.

“It’s not faceless. It’s real people doing real work for real results.”

If you’d like to join or form an NWCR fundraising committee, volunteer some time for the cause or donate to the charity, please email Sara Cooper at sara@nwcr.org or call 0151 709 2919.



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