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Donate in memory of a loved one

When a loved one passes away, donating to life-saving cancer research is a lasting and special way to honour their memory.

You can rest assured that any donation – large or small – which is made in memory of someone special will make the world of difference in supporting our extraordinary researchers throughout the North West and North Wales who are helping more patients on our doorstep to survive cancer.

North West Cancer Research are continually inspired by the kindness and generosity of our donors who, at a very difficult time, take this simple step to strengthen vital local research into beating cancer.

Such support enables the scientists we support to achieve real breakthroughs which are helping us to create a cancer-free future sooner.

To find out more, call Jennifer Higgs on 0151 709 2919, email or write to:
Jennifer Higgs
Trust & Legacy Officer
North West Cancer Research
200 London Road
L3 9TA

There are many ways to celebrate the life of a loved one by supporting NWCR’s work:

Single donation

We are grateful for any donation received in memory of your loved one. Large or small, your contribution will help us beat cancer sooner.

Monthly donation

If you would like to honour the memory of your loved one on a regular basis, it will be our privilege to help you set this up.

Gifts in lieu of flowers at a funeral or memorial service

NWCR will provide free, personalised collection envelopes, making it easy to collect in lieu of flowers. If requested, we will keep you informed about the donations received.

Our heroes Tribute Fund

Donating to this dedicated NWCR-managed fund is a wonderful way to remember your special someone while supporting world-class research into cancer. Additionally, your friends and family may wish to donate to this fund at special dates such as Christmas, birthdays or significant anniversaries.

In-memory giving is a fitting way to celebrate the lives of those who were special to you, ensuring their legacy lives on in helping to ease the impact of cancer for generations to come.

Get in touch today with Trust and Legacy Officer Jennifer Higgs, whose contact details are shown above.


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