Research strategy

1. The Focus of Our Research:

North West Cancer Research (NWCR) is the only independent cancer research charity which funds high-quality research for local people in North West England and North Wales. Our aim is to stop cancer in an era of increased incidence. Our research portfolio will be sufficiently flexible to address changes in regional cancer prevalence, incorporate new technologies and respond to advances in treatment. 

Cancer is a complex disease. We will invest in studies from 'bench to bedside'. We aim to develop a better understanding of the biology of cancer- the mechanisms that drive its development, growth and spread. Our research will investigate novel therapies and develop mechanisms to overcome drug resistance in cancer cells. We will support research into cancers of high prevalence in our region. We will investigate cancers of children and adults. We will support research into the care of the dying.

NWCR will invest in high quality people and projects. We will continue to expand cancer research capacity in the region. We will invest in researchers at every stage of their career, in order to develop cancer researchers of the future while continuing to support our existing research community. 


2. Our Research Objectives:

  • To improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the region.
  • To address inequalities in cancer across the region.
  • To support cancer researchers at every stage of their career.
  • To encourage collaboration between researchers in the region.
  • To disseminate the results and impact of our research to the public.


3. Our strategic ambitions are grounded on three key principles:

  • Focus: More of the research we fund must have a direct impact on people within our region.
  • Investment:  We will make the necessary investments to ensure effective cancer research for the people of the region.  We will support the best people and the highest quality science.
  • Partnership:  We will adopt a dynamic and participatory approach to all our partnerships to achieve the greatest impact.  We will encourage collaboration between researchers at our funded institutes in order to create the best possible research environment.


4. Types of funding available:

  • Project grants
  • Studentships (BSc, MSc, MRes and PhD)
  • Personal funding (Fellowships)
  • Centre grants
  • Equipment grants

We will not fund buildings, or provide funding for direct clinical care.


5. Principles of Scientific Review:

As members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), NWCR has a robust application and review process.  All applications for funding are subject to rigorous peer review, with recommendations being made by our Scientific Advisory Group.


6. Review:

This Research Strategy will be reviewed annually.


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