Celebrating International Youth Day with our young volunteers

Thursday, 11th August 2016 | General | 0 comments

It’s International Youth Day and we’re celebrating young people and everything they can achieve. 

Every year on the 12 August the world celebrates the 1.8 billion youths on this planet we call Earth. We celebrate their goals, their unique skills and the change they can encourage to transform real world problems. With more youths around the world than ever before imagine the difference they can make.

The United Nation’s theme for this year’s International Youth Day is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It incorporates a series of goals and targets related to ensuring lasting peace, prosperity and equality. Two sub sections of that agenda include:

Good health and well-being






Reduced inequalities






Two goals that we value as a charity, looking to:

  • Reduce inequalities in the incidence of cancer around the North West,
  • Reduce inequalities in cancer diagnosis and treatment around the North West and
  • Promoting good health, well-being and healthy lifestyle choices.

Proving that age is no barrier when it comes to charity fundraising, 16 National Citizens Service (NCS) students organised several fundraising activities and events; as well as communicating our life-saving cancer awareness messages to the public.

After completing a 23-mile walk from Liverpool to Ormskirk, and organising raffles and family fun days, the NCS students managed to raise a whopping £459. In addition to this the students also helped us to promote our sun-safety messages, by taking our #suncream selfie campaign to the people of Merseyside.








After raising so much money, we wanted to find out how the students felt about their time fundraising for us. We asked group leader Lilly to answer some questions for us:

What has volunteering for us helped you to achieve in your academic work?

“It has helped me to become familiar with the processes you need to go through when organising events. This might be something I want to pursue in the future, so this was really vital experience for me. It has also helped me to achieve my NCS qualification.”

How do you feel charity volunteering will affect your job opportunities?

“Volunteering has really helped me to create a good CV. It has enabled me to showcase experience I otherwise wouldn’t have. This experience is really attractive to the type of employers I want to work for.”

What skills has volunteering taught you?

“I have gained a lot more confidence in myself. Not only has it taught me how to professionally work with my peers, and potential colleagues, it has also allowed me to gain experience in approaching companies, and working with them in a professional manner.”

Did you meet new friends during your time volunteering for NWCR?

“The type of events and tasks we had to do allowed the friends within the NCS group to become closer, as we all worked together in order to achieve our goal for the charity. We also met new people along the way.”

Would you recommend volunteering for NWCR to other students?

“Yes because NWCR are a very passionate charity, who are very considerate of the local community. And because of this the people who work at NWCR are devoted and enthusiastic about their jobs, which makes everything we did worthwhile.”










After a busy few weeks this group of young people really have managed to make a difference in their local community. Not only have they raised vital funds, and communicated cancer awareness messages, they have also given their time, which is so important to small charities like us.

If you want to do something incredible and donate your time to helping us create a cancer free future, get in touch today.

You can find out more information on our volunteering pages.

Happy International Youth Day!


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