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Achilles Heel

Judie CoulsonProf Judy Coulson and Dr Andrew Fielding

Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool.


Disrupting the herd: inducing disarray in dividing cancer cells

Targeting an Achilles’ heel of cancer: Deubiquitylases as novel targets for centrosome de-clustering and cancer-cell specific cell death

In cancer, cells divide more often than they should, leading to tumour growth. So some of the most effective cancer treatments are those that prevent cell division.

However, the major downside to current therapies that target cell division is that they also target normal, healthy cells, leading to severe side effects.

This project studies a mechanism which is unique to cancer cells and is required for them to survive cell division. If we can understand this process, we can inhibit it to kill cancer cells as they try to divide – providing an effective cancer treatment with reduced side effects on normal cells.


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