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Thanks to our many supporters, we have helped fund millions of pounds worth of research which has helped discover new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer. Our researchers have made significant progress in understanding all types of cancer and the research we support covers everything from the bench to the bedside.

Because of research, half of all people diagnosed with cancer will now survive. Tomorrow we want everyone to have the best chance of surviving cancer. We can only do this with your help.


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Cellular protein levels

Dr Jason Parsons

A protein which helps the body repair itself after DNA damage has been discovered and this could help develop more effective treatments.

Cellular response to DNA damage

Dr Jason Parsons

DNA damage is one of the main causes of cancer, how our bodies react to this could hold the key to early diagnosis.

Natural killer cells

Dr Janine Coombes

Our immune system is amazing and works by itself to rid the body of cancers and infections and we want to know more about how it does this.

Proton therapy

Dr Jason Parsons

Proton beam therapy is one of the most recent significant breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Achilles Heel

Prof Judy Coulson and Dr Andrew Fielding

Some cancer treatments can disrupt healthy body cells. We’ve funded research which will look at how we can develop more targeted treatments.


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