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How to apply for funding

North West Cancer Research provide funding for project grants and equipment grants. 

Project grants

Grant applcations recived before the 2 October 2017 will now be preocessed and evaluated by our scientific committee in April 2018. Our next round of grant applications will open in April 2018, and paperwork will be available in due course.

PLEASE NOTE: funding for the current round will be restricted, thereby limiting the number of projects the charity is able to approve.

Researchers within the North West of England and North Wales are invited to apply for project grants twice a year. We provide funding for three main research areas:

  • Basic
  • Translational
  • Preventative 

The research we fund must have a direct impact on people within North West England and North Wales and principal investigators must be based within our regional footprint. We will invest in researchers at every stage of their career to develop the cancer researchers of the future.

The types of project grant funding available include:

  • Project grants
  • Studentships (BSc, MSc, MRes and PhD)
  • Personal funding (Fellowships)
  • Centre grants

As members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) all applications are subjected to peer review by external reviewers who are experts in the particular area of research. Each application will then be scored out of six by our scientific advisory group, which is made up of internationally acclaimed scientists. A minimum score of five is required for the application to be funded.




Equipment grants

The next equipment grant deadline is Friday 24 November. Paperwork is available below.

North West Cancer Research accepts applications for equipment grants to fund new, multi-use equipment for cancer research. We will accept proposals up to £50,000 including match funding. Equipment grants are for the benefit of cancer research at our funded universities:

  • University of Liverpool
  • Lancaster University
  • Bangor University
  • Chester University

Once a grant application is received Trust Officer, Jennifer Sandes, will then send an application out to relevant trusts to acquire funds. Please provide as much information regarding the equipment in lay terms as you can. Please note we cannot guarantee funding for any application submitted. Deadline is 24th November 2017. Please submit all applications to Jennifer Sandes,

Please ensure that an electronic version of the completed application form is sent to Jennifer Sandes

Before completing and submitting an application, please ensure that you have read and understood the equipment grant guidelines.





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